Stainless Steel

Since it is highly resistant to corrosion, Stainless steel is essentially everlasting. It is particularly suitable for exterior projects, also for marine environments with high humidity and salinity range.
The possibility to realize high design works with clean and modern lines allows you to create furniture and decorative objects, such as bookcases, sinks, chaises lounges, tables, vases and more.
Every piece can be customized with two different finishings: shot peening with glossy or matte effect and liquid epoxy paint with a wide range of colors. 

316L Stainless Steel

316L stainless steel is suitable to be in contact with food, therefore it allows you to create objects for this purpose such as cutlery trays, trays, etc.
Finishing and painting are the same as for traditional stainless steel.  

Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron is realized with profiles filled with Mild Steel which are moulded by hand with different tools (hammers, tongs, chisels, punches) or by machinery (air-hammer or forging press).

Tubular Iron

Tubular iron is linear and modern and differs from wrought iron for its lesser weight. Tubular iron is made of first choice hollow profiles that are hot or cold-rolled. It is mainly used for works and objects combined with other materials (wood, glass, marble, stone).  


Metal oxidation

The material aspect of Land-Art and Industrial style. This finishing is advisable for thick objects, in which the oxidation process is temporarily stopped through the application of a transparent oil based anticorrosive coating.
The permanent stop of the corrosion process can’t be guaranteed; periodic maintenance is required. 

Acrylic Transparent coating

This transparent finishing highlights every hammer blow, intensifying the iron shades of grey/silver; it gives a more shining effect to the metal for a more emotional effect.  

Boiled linseed oil

It gives a matte effect to wrought iron with a typical burnt black color, the perfect result for those of you looking for a traditional design.
This finishing guarantees good weather resistance, though it requires annual maintenance for outdoor objects. It is, therefore, more advisable to use it for indoor objects.  

Liquid paint

This solution guarantees high weather resistance and offers a very wide range of colors. It’s a coating process that partially hides some of the handcrafted details on the object. Liquid paint is highly recommended for outdoor objects, such as staircases, railings, gates and window grills.
Coarse or smooth “Corten” effect on request.